Ruta Naujalyte


It all began in a pile of sewing thread. Over the years I’ve experimented with various materials and techniques but always stayed loyal to crochet. I mastered the craft by pushing myself to use smaller and smaller hooks and thinner and thinner threads. Mythical creatures, fictional fairy tales, and inspiring color combinations are important creative elements. The impression of incompleteness is significant. You want to tie the threads around your fingers, you want to brush them, twist them, pull them, you want to tame them, and make your own. My work has a macabre aspect to it. It emphasizes the fragility of beauty. They are fragile, sincere, and deeply confusing, at the same time absurd and exciting. The context in my work is usually influenced by feminism and the philosophical critique of capitalism. There are three lines of work I do: textile jewelry, miniature textile compositions, and digital textile prints. They are always in progress, supplementing, and coalescing with each other. They all have the same dominant technique, are rich in color and saturation. It’s important that each piece is unique, one of a kind, and has a fictional story behind it expressed in either film or poetry..




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